There is a taboo about coffee. Yes, the doctor says to quit drinking Coffee. But, why? A significant amount of the brew around the world had genetic modifications and corrupted with harmful chemicals. The chemicals do more harm than good to your vessel. A smart move is to drink or use raw organic café from Ethiopia. Plus, you can use it in your skincare products. Apart from drinking the brew, you can use it to cleanse the colon and do an enema. Also, you can use it to treat your skin and scalp. First, let us start with the feet.

1. Feet and Body Bliss

Prepare a foot bath with warm to hot water. Add café and Epson salts. Let your feet soak for 22 minutes. Apply a teaspoon of the mud mask and massage in circular motion to remove the dead skin. The powerful antioxidants in the mud mask will pull many toxins out of the organs via the feet. The café removes the toxins, and the Epsom salts replace it with magnesium. You will enjoy the warm feeling of relaxation while the inflammation from your tired feet decreases.

2. Body and Scalp Revitalizing Coffee Treatment

Clean the scalp and temple using warm water. Then, use an organic café body wash with a sponge. The coffee will give a gentle exfoliation to the scalp, promoting faster and healthier hair growth. Cleanse in a circular motion to increase circulation and help the nutrients absorbed by the skin. End your bath with colder water to give an instant boost to the circulatory system.

3. Cellulite reduction and skin tightening

Café is perfect for minimizing wrinkles, reducing cellulite, and tightening the skin. Hence, café is an ingredient in many anti-aging products. According to a research study by the AACR, the caffeine in coffee slows breast cancer growth.

Moderate (2–4 cups/day) to high (≥5 cups/day) coffee intake was associated with smaller invasive primary tumors (Ptrend = 0.013) and lower proportion of ER+ tumors (Ptrend = 0.018), compared with patients with low consumption (≤1 cup/day). Moderate to high consumption was associated with lower risk for breast cancer events in tamoxifen-treated patients with ER+ tumors.  –American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

Another research study shows café prevents skin cancer. Combined with sun exposure, coffee is pure melanin, giving your skin the perfect tan.

4. Facial Upgrade

Organic raw coffee has caffeic acid, which boosts collagen production. The news shows the fantastic benefits café is for your face and skin. Make a cup of fresh organic café containing ice cubes. Grab a coffee cube in the morning to massage your face in circular motion. Focus on the eyes to get rid of the puffiness.  Use a café mud mask and leave it on for 13 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water. Pat dry and finish with an organic aromatherapy lotion. If you feel you have just left the spa, it is because you did!

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