Artificial Intelligence

Telecommunication companies are using 5G to promote artificial intelligence. They claim it will improve your WiFi speed. But, is there another reason for all these new towers? The 4G Network is working well, so what is the big rush?

Why are telecommunication companies building more towers?

Towers are popping up in California, New York, and other states. These cell phone towers are spreading like viruses in 100-million dollar budget projects. They are using 5G to push artificial intelligence. The excuse they give is to improve WiFi connection, making it faster and better.

Experts claim data will transmit at a much higher rate. But, the primary concern is the amount of radiation coming from these cell phone towers.  According to Elon Musk, artificial intelligence is a threat to human civilization and is like summoning demons.

AI is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization, and I don’t think people fully appreciate that. With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. ~Elon Musk

The real reason for the new towers

The government wants to keep track of your every move, using 5G antennas. They are paving the way for trans-humanism. The 4G network already has artificial intelligence robots shown by the media. The implication is electromagnetic frequencies will increase due to the 5G towers. People will have exposure to them on a daily basis and throughout the year.

The communication industry does not see the harm in placing 5G towers 40 to 100 feet apart from each other. They plan to install these towers in all residential areas. A harmful effect of these towers includes a disruption of metabolic systems. More damages include breakage of DNA strands and a low sperm count. Extra health risks include irregular heart rate, melatonin reduction, and increased stress levels.

The images below show the effect cell phone towers have on living organisms near the area. If the towers have that effect on plants, can you imagine the impact it will have on humans? A school experimented and found out garden cress will not grow near WiFi routers.

In California, they are placing huge towers in and close to palm trees. The palms nearest to the towers are half dead and dry. The trees died within six months.

How to protect yourself from the radiation

Learn how to shield your homes from the radiation coming from cell phone towers. Research the paints and screenings available. Place magnets all around your windows and inside your rooms.Technologies are available to help you protect your home such as EMF protection devices.

Detox your body of heavy metals. It will help to prevent artificial intelligence via micro antennas in your body. They work by picking up electromagnetic frequencies. Plus, heavy metals will alter your nervous system, affecting your body and mind.

Eat a lot of greens and stay close to nature to fortify your energy field and overall health. Cilantro, watercress, spinach, and kale are great to cleanse. Use them to feed your magnetic field and remove heavy metals from your body.

Are you living near any cell phone towers, and what are you doing to protect yourself?



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  1. Sounds like an urban issue.

    I kid. All jokes aside, people need to wake up and get their heads out of the sand about the NWO mobilizing their equipment and troops.


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