Public Notice

For The Record on The Record.
I Am Amoré Uriyah Bey
I Am a True Moor
I Am Non RESIDENT alien.
I Am foreign to the US. I Am Not a US citizen. I Am not a DOMESTIC citizen.

  • I Amoré Uriyah Bey hereby void, all contract, s vows, pledges, oaths, agreements of entrapment, and promises, conscious or unconscious made by me detrimental to me.
  • For the record
    I Am Not Black, Negro, African American, Hispanic, Latino. I Do Not Belong to a Franchise Corporation. I Am Foreign to the USA Corporation
  • For The Record
    I, Amoré Uriyah Bey™, do affirm that the RFID Chip, Immunizations and FEMA Camps are strictly against my religion.
  • For the record:
    I, formally known as GREGORY URIAH BARGEMAN proclaim myself a Moor. My Moorish National appellation is Amoré Uriyah Bey™
  • For Th Record my cuzzos of TLC are Children of The Elohim
    NOT Rome Vatican Citizens 9.13
  • For The Record I Am a Moor and Not a USA citizen and can Never be a USA citizen
  • I, Amoré Uriyah Bey™, pledge allegiance only to THE MOST HIGHS
    Big Amma Mama
    Yashuah Ha Mishiach
    And Righteous others
  • For The Record I, Amoré Uriyah Bey™, take ownership and mastership of straw-man “GREGORY URIAH BARGEMAN” and its commerce, trust and fictitious holdings. 9.13
  • For The Record:
    I Amoré Uriyah Bey™
    Exercise My Right to Travel/ Right to Mode of Conveyance Right to Locomotion unmolested by law.
  • For The Record
    I am Not a Resident of The United States
    I am Not a citizen of the United States
    I AM a child of The Most Highs Elohim!
  • For The Record on the Record
    I, Amoré Bey, AM NOT affiliated NOR associated with any hate group
    I Follow the Laws of MA’AT/Nature/TMHs 9.13
  • For The Record
    I, Amoré Bey, Am Not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or any other vatican associated group.
    I AM a child of THE MOST HIGHS
  • For The Record on the Record
    I, Amoré Bey, am not a slave to U.S. Corporation
    I Am a sentient being, Following the Laws of The Most Highs
  • For The Record
    I Amoré Bey, AM a child of TMHs.
    I am Not a human. Only a human can be a slave or property of Rome.
  • For The Record
    I AMAmoré Uriyah Bey™
    Sentient Being of Big Amma Mama
    El Elyon Elohim
    Not a Corporate person
  • For The Record on the Record
    And let the Record show
    I, Amoré Uriyah Bey™ AM a flesh and blood being
    I AM foreign to the U.S. corporation
  • For The Record
    I am NOT a 14th Amendment citizen under the current U.S. Jurisdiction I AM a Free Moor who has guaranteed Rights under The Most Highs Laws 9.13
  • For The Record on the Record
    9.13 is I AM
    The Power of TMHs El Elyon
    Elokhem Elohim, Eyeyah Ahayah
    HYashem/Yashema Yashuah
  • For The Record
    I AM a Child of The Most Highs Elohim
    I am NOT a human
    I ONLY Accept G-D given Rights
    My Natural Right by Nature NOT humans 9.13
  • For The Record
    Any Retweet or Favorite on Twitter According to Proclamation(s) are
  • For The Record on the Record
    I Disown and Rebuke all wrongful thoughts and insinuations that are against Yhashem/Yhashema
  • “I Reserve my Rights WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-308”
    Amoré Uriyah Bey™
  • On the Record for the Record
    Any attempt to rewrite My Title to change the status of my indigenous Appellation is an act of genocide
  • For The Record on the Record
    I AM Heir to Moroccan Empire reclaiming my heritage and inheritance, Honoring my ForeFathers and ForeMothers
  • I, Amoré Uriyah Bey, reserve all my Rights to Social Media Accounts I use who offer Terms and Conditions UCC 1-308, UCC 1-103
  • For The Record
    I willingly and wholeheartedly accept constructive discipline and correction. I AM a Humble Child of TMHs (L)earning Moor everyday.
  • For The Record
    I Rebuke all false ASSUMPTIONS pertaining to my Natural Being
    I AM flesh and blood sentient being created in the Image of Hashem
  • For the Record
    I AM a private dweller and who is not for public use
    I AM Foreign to Th United States Inc.
  • For the Record
    I Am not affiliated with any lightworkers, tarot card readers, horoscope readers or any other Satanic New Age Movement.
  • For The Record
    I don’t hate anyone, I dislike Th actions of others and distance myself from them.
    I don’t hate nobody.
  • For Th Record I do not affiliate with/or to any islamic groups Christian groups Judaism groups Buddhist groups.
  • For the Record
    I am NOT affiliated with no haters.
    Hating is a lawful offense by Law ⚖
  • For The Record
    I do Not condone haters of any kind
  • For The Record on the Record
    I, Amoré Uriyah Bey, Void ALL CONTRACTS made by me that have Binded/Entrapped me without Full Disclosure.
  • on the record for the record, I forgive anybody who has done me wrong, including family members, ex lovers and old acquaintances. I harbor no hate in my heart for any being walking on this Earth. I will to see humanity rise up in 13love. 9.13
  • For the record: identity theft is a federal offense and I demand anyone stealing/collecting descriptive articles of me be charged in Court
  • For Th Record,
    I am a Man. Moor American National
    Amoré Uriyah Bey
  • For the record on the record, I, Amoré Uriyah Bey, exercise my rights whereas D.R.I.P. Article 23, 26-29 grants indigenous Moors the protection from any foreign corporate license 9.13
  • I Amoré Uriyah Bey ™ pledge Allegiance only to Th Most Highs
    Amma Mama
    El Elyon
    Yahushua Ha Mashiac
    Righteous Only
  • I Amoré Uriyah Bey™ Am a TLC Community Private™ Member Associate Not Corporate Fiction 9.13 ??
  • For The Record I Do NOT worship any idols 9.13
  • For the record I Amoré Uriyah Bey™ Do Not celebrate Satanic Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas etc..
    These are Abomination to Ancestors..
  • For the Record on the Record :
    I don’t associate with Facebook, Instgram, Snapchat or any videos or pictures of me without my knowledge. Useage is an infringement & violation and a fine is, $76,000
  • All claims, I have made and will
    Be on public record via twitter
    All rights Reserved without Prejudice and Recourse. 9.13
  • All claims, I have made and will
    Be on public record via twitter
    All rights Reserved without Prejudice and Recourse. 9.13
  • I’m Nobody, I’m Sun Body. I Am an Unincorporated Sentient Being of The Most Highs El Elyon Elokhem Elohim.
  • For the record
    I Am not associated with any thing, person, group, idea or entity perpetrating hate or any other lawless activity or movement
  • I am a son of TMHs. I am son of Moses. I am son of the Moabite Nation. I am a Moor. Heir of the planet resurrecting myself from the dead. 9.13
  • I deny that I am an animal. I deny that I do business or enter into transactions with animals. 9.13
  • For the Record
    I Am not vegan, vegetarian, or any other Satanic title used to categorize food. I Am a MAN that eats healthy for TMHs Elohim.
  • For The record:All praise be to TMHs. I Th ankh Elohim for giving breath of life to open my eyes and Rise dis Mooring. Th ankh Elohim for giving me eyes to hear, ears to see, nose to smell, teeth that shine voice for th truth, a Strong mind. Heart that beats, body that functions.
  • For Th Record:
    I’m not Islamic
    I’m not Christian
    I only follow Th Most Highs RIGHT WAY
    as a Tru Moor
    Mortal Man created on Potter wheel
  • I am NOT a person, corporation or any other type of abomination.
    I Am a Child of The Most High.
    I am foreign to the U.S.
  • For the record
    Rewriting my Indigenous Appellation, “Amoré Uriyah Bey™” is called Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act a federal crime.
  • For The Record
    I am a true moor created by/in the image of our Father HASHEM,the Living HASHEM of Abraham,Isaac,Israel & Father of YAHshuah.
  • For the Record I Am a living Man, a breathing Sentient being of the Creator Hashem known as Bargeman, Gregory Uriah and Amoré Uriyah BeyGREGORY URIAH BARGEMAN is my business entity through which I operate in commerce
  • For the Record I show up to work everyday on behalf of my business entity GREGORY URIAH BARGEMAN and all I earn is its business revenue
  • For the Record the IRS classifies Sole Proprietorships and General Partnership as ‘Pass-through Tax Entities’ and I, the living breathing Man known as Bargeman, Gregory Uriah do NOT have a personal income nor does my business entity GREGORY URIAH BARGEMAN
  • For the Record I do not have a contract with the IRS and neither does my business entity
  • For the record, I dont use- slang/curse words or pharses such as: im dead/ imweak/ go ham/ on the set/ swag/ words are spells & powerful 9.13
  • I Amoré Bey, rebuke all fraudulent contracts verbal or assumed. Anyone forcing fraudulent documents on my being is an act of paper terrorism and fraud and i will fine in silver and gold 1.3milliom dollars.
  • For The Record
    I Do NOT consent to twitter undoing my retweet/favorites of My Public Proclamations. Stop this BS
  • For the Record I do not consent to being added to twitter lists without my knowledge or approval.
  • For The Record
    I Am a Moor
  • I Am not Black
    I Am not a US Citizen
    I am Not a corporation
    I Am a MAN
  • I Follow Th Laws Given by TMHS ELOHIM
  • I am Not a 14th Amendment Citizen 9.13
  • Moors Declaration Proclamation and Publication for the record on the record in Association with TLC 13 Community Private. All Rights Reserved U.C.C. 1-308/207; U.C.C. 1-1039.13
  • For The Record, On The Record;
    My ancestors did not know any man by the name of Jesus Christ so neither do I.
    Yahushua Ha-Mashiach is who they knew & so do I.
  • For the record on the record I AM FREE and i am not a slave to any mortal man, i am servant to TMHs 9.13
  • For the Record, On  the  Record, I Amoré Uriyah Bey  honor all divine laws and uphold the common law of the land.  I am not subject to any foreign democratic government jurisdictions 9.13
  • On the record for the record let the record show I have the right to self National Identity according to UNDRIPS Articles 2,6,10
  • For the record, I Amoré Uriyah Bey proclaim my nationality. I am a MOOR. ??
    I am foreign to the USA corporation.
  • “I Rabbi/Apostle Ninesun Amaru Bey will vouch for all Th Most Highs children via Talmidium Seal of Th Most Highs, Yehuda Regal Tribes 9.13”
  • For th record,
    I’m a Citizen of Heaven and I have no limitations of boundaries upon me as these humans on land.
    I only serve Th Most Highs Elohim and can’t be BONDED as a SLAVE by ROMAN Corporations.I hold my own BONDS.
    TLC 9.13 Beybee!
  • For The Record On The Record : I Belong To Big Amma MaMa & Abba Father 9.13
  • For the Record, On the Record, Let Th Record(s) Show: I Amoré Uriyah Bey™, acknowledge that the Bible is Foundation Law as stated in Public Law 97-280 (1982) & use Th laws therein as my guide.
  • For Th Record and For those who do not know:
    Yahushua HaMashiach is our Rabbi and all others should be like him as Apostles/Disciples/Talmidium/Yahudium/Essene.
    TLC 13Love Community™ Private
    Righteous Children of the Mighty King of Kings ? who art in Heaven

  • For the RecordI walk with TLC Thirteen Love Community Private TM

    My turban and crown show my devotion to TMHs as we are commanded by sacred texts

    9 13

  • For th record
    I hereby void all contracts and any other entrapment agreement detrimental to me made outside of Biblical Law/Natural Law.
  • For the Record:
    Amoré Uriyah BeyI am part of TLC 13Love Community Private,
    The Most Highs Private Property,
    Public Stock Property 9.13
  • For the record, Any retweet or favorite on twitter according to Proclamation(s) are SIGNATURES OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES is Law of Religion.
  • For the record I do not celebrate Valentines Day or any Pagan Hellodays. They are an abomination to TMHs
  • For Th Record:I have nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram, Any information of mine or pictures stolen by a hater is liable for damages.

    Any Fake Accounts with my image is liable for damages, I do Not consent to Th usage of my likeness or Logo to anyone outside of TLC.

  • For the Record,
    Our Rabbi of TLC 13 Love Community Private TM
    Ninesun Amaru Bey TM has set a Righteous Example for TLC Members.
    Now we are setting a righteous example for our communities & children that they may also be in accordance with
    Yashua Ha Masiach
  • For the record I do not wear a turban for fashion or a trend. My turban and crown represents my devotion to Hashem
  • For The Record I’m not muslim I dress modestly as TMHs Elohim instructed I follow and abide by TMHs Laws
  • For The Record,
    I denounce any ties to the corporation UNITED STATES and there policies, I am free by born rights of TMHs 9.13
  • For the record:
    If you hate on da13thsun @da13thsun and/or any messengers, then you hate on me; TMH will condemn you in the judgment 9.13.
  • For the record i am Free from ANY and ALL bondage placed upon me by oppresive forces in the name of TMHs in these years of Jubilee(yubilee)
  • For the record I recognize the flag of morocco ?? as my national flag according to D.R.I.P Articles 2, 6, 10, 20, 33, 45, 46 As a Moor I have the Right to Self-Identity


  1. I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima, a Tru Moor, Ri-OBey,
    am a witness and here forth state my testimony of my brother in spirit, Amoré Uriyah Bey™’s, proclamation to/in the public realm.


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