National Proclamations of Aya Misae Bey™


I, Aya Misae Bey, affirm that I AM a true free M.A.N. (Moor American National) in full lawful capacity. I AM NOT “lost at sea”.

I- Aya Misae Bey, formerly referred to as misnomer “ALEESYA BURTON,” claim sole rights and ownership of the strawman “BURTON, ALEESYA TAQUEENA GEANETT” and its estate and fictitious holdings.
I hereby void all contracts, vows, oaths, agreements or promises made detrimental to me, by me or not, both consciously and unconsciously.
I AM  a sentient being in the flesh. The Ruach HaMashiach is within me. I AM NOT a corporate entity or legal fiction.
I declare that I AM a daughter of Hashem and my heavenly Amma. I have guaranteed RIGHTS under The Most Highs laws. I do not consent to man-made privileges or exemptions.
I acknowledge and reclaim my divine birthright as an indigenous being. My inheritance includes the territory of Amexem (North, Central, South America and the adjoining islands). I have a right to live and build on the land of my ancestors, the great foremothers, and forefathers of civilization. I would like to live peacefully and free of taxation.
I AM foreign to all corporations, including the U.S. corporation, currently operating in commerce primarily on the land of Northwest Amexem (North America).
I AM NOT a 14th amendment citizen. I AM NOT negro, black, colored, Africanamerican, Hispanic, or Latino.

I AM NOT a minor, minority, resident, or any other label used to identify chattel property.

I AM NOT a sovereign citizen, paper terrorist, or any other lawless abomination.

My LAWFUL status is Moor and not less.
Let the record reflect, I am immune to anything less than the laws of my creators. 9.13.
My rights are supported by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Zodiac Constitution by C.M. Bey (c)AA222141 / Library of Congress, Washington, D.C, U.S. Code Chapter 2 Title 22 Section 141, the U.S. and the Constitution.
Any attempts to detain me or otherwise will be considered a criminal offense and violators will be subject to penalty.
Let the record reflect, my free national appellation is Aya Misae Bey™. Any Attempts to remove or disregard my title OR status as a Moor is a violation of my rights pursuant to U.N.D.R.I.P., Articles-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.
For the record, I- Aya Misae Bey, affirm that I AM a PRIVATE sentient being and pillar (member) of TLC 13love community™ PRIVATE.
I AM a servant of The Most Highs. I govern myself according to divine and natural law.
I AM NOT an animal. I do not do business or enter into transactions with animals.
I AM NOT affiliated with any lawless persons or unlawful behavior or activity.
I AM NOT affiliated with any terrorists, hate groups, or any movements or individuals that push demonic agendas to contradict TMHS instructions.
Lawlessness is strictly against my nature and religion.
I AM an autochthonous Womb man and law bearer by nature. In honor of my great ancestors, I stand for and uphold the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.
My business on Earth is for the upliftment of humanity.
I have and will continue to serve and uplift my community and be a contribution to the economy as a whole 9.13.
I- Aya Misae Bey, WILL only serve the Most Highs Elokhem as long as I live. I WILL NOT honor anything not in accord with TMHS supreme law 9.13.
For the record, and let record show, I reserve my Rights without Prejudice Ucc 1-308 -Aya Misae Bey



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