Monday, June 25, 2018
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CYahd 13 Bey Public Proclamation

Public Notice I, CYahd 13 Bey, am a Moor, upright and loyal to the Divine Creed & Laws of my Ancient Foremothers & Forefathers; The Moors, whose virtues...

Amoré Uriyah Bey™ Public Proclamation

Public Notice For The Record on The Record. I Am Amoré Uriyah Bey I Am a True Moor I Am Non RESIDENT alien. I Am foreign to the US....

Sunshine Janel Bey™ Public Proclamation

  Public Notice I formally known as "Krista Janell Bradshaw" proclaim that I will go by Sunshine Janel Bey™ for all of my personal transactions   For...