Public Notice

I, Chad 13 Bey, am a Moor, upright and loyal to the Divine Creed & Laws of my Ancient Foremothers & Forefathers; The Moors, whose virtues of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, became the Eternal Sun of Law & Order that never sets. By lineage I am Free, Sovereign and to be unaffected by foreign policy & rulings that burdens my covenant with The Most High Elohiym, as Is my G-d Given Right.

  • I- Chad13 Bey: is a walking, talking, independent flesh and blood living Sentient Man created in the image of Hashem…Do you rebut this? Then accept My Non Domestic/Non Assumpsit ALL RIGHTS RESERVED UCC 1-308 without Prejudice Confidentiality Notice: This private electronic correspondence, including any/all attachment(s) are limited for the sole use of the intended recipient and may contain Privileged and/or Confidential Information. Any and All Political, Private or Public Entities, Federal, State, or Local Corporate Government(s), Municipality(ies), International Organizations, Corporation(s), agent(s), investigator(s), or informant(s), et. al., and/or Third Party(ies) working in collusion by collecting and/or monitoring this electronic correspondence, and/or any other means of spying and collecting these communications Without Exclusive Permission are Barred from Any and All Unauthorized Review, Use, Disclosure or Distribution, With Explicit Reservation of All Rights, Without Prejudice and Without Recourse. Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or ALL Intellectual Property Rights or Reserved Rights. NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE IS NOTICE TO AGENT. NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE

  • For Th Record, On Th Record: I formerly known as Ashad Jawanza Grafton Ivan Rolle now proclaim myself as a tru Moor. As a tru moor my Moorish appelition is Chad13Bey


  • For Th Record on th record I Chad 13 bey tm take ownership of th name strawman “Ashad Jawanza Grafton Ivan Rolle” and all its commerce, TRUST AND FINIANCIAL HOLDINGS 9.13.


  • For Th Record On Th Record I hereby all contracts, vows, pledges, oaths, agreements of entrapment and or promises knowing or unknowingly that is detrimental to me.


  • For Th Record On Th Record I Chad 13 Bey™ am in propria persona sui juris and full of Life 9.13


  • For Th Record On Th Record I Chad 13 Bey live in my body/temple not an address


  • For The Record on The Record. I Am Chad 13 Bey I Am A Tru Moor I Am Non resident alien I Am Foreign to the US 9.13


  • For Th Record on Th Record I Chad 13 Bey I serve Th Most Highs only I follow Th Most Highs only. TLC 13Love 9.13

  • For the record, on the record, I, Chad 13 Bey™, have a right to a nationality and no one shall deprive me of that right/value.(December 10th 1948: Resolution#217:, Article 15:, 1) Everyone has a right to nationality. 2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his/her nationality.
  • For the record, on the record, I am not Christian, Muslim, or a Jew. I am a true Moor and a righteous child of The Most Highs. My turban, crown, and garments show my devotion to The Most Highs 9.13.

  • For the record, on the record, I am an ethereal, spiritual, living breathing being. I am not a “person,” corporation, or any other type of abomination.

  • For the record, on the record, calling me a person is a reflection of conspiracy, depriving my (birth) rights according to title 18 chapter 13 section 242.

  • For the record, on the record, I am a true Moor created by/in the image of our farther Hashem, the living Hashem of Abraham, Isaac, Israel and farther of Yahoshua.

  • For the record, on the record, I pledge only to The Most Highs (creators) and not any state of the Vatican jurisdiction. I am Chad 13 Bey™.

  • For the record, on the record, according to AJR42-105, all corporations are to recognize and respect and protect the values/rights of the indigenous (Moors).

  • For the record, on the record, I have knowledge of my birth rights/values and will prosecute any defiances. Notice to agent is notice to principal.

  • For the record, on the record, I am heir of Moroccan empire, reclaiming my heritage and inheritance, honoring my forefathers and fore-mothers.

  • For the record, on the record, I am not associated with anything, person, groups, ideas, or entities, perpetrating hate or any other lawless activity or movements.

  • For the record, on the record, I, Chad 13 Bey™ am immune from any Vatican, government contracts because exemption is a privilege. The Most Highs give us (Moors) immunity.

  • For the record, on the record, I have the right to self national Identity according to D.R.I.P.S articles 2, 6, 10, 20, 33, 45, 46.

  • For the record, on the record, I am not human and do not consent to human rights. I only accept The Most Highs natural laws, my natural rights/values by nature and not humans.

  • For the record, on the record, I Chad 13 Bey™ rebuke all false assumptions pertaining to my natural being. I am a flesh and blood sentient man created in the image of Hashem.

  • For the record, on the record, I, Chad 13 Bey™ am a member of T.L.C 13love community™, a private member association of The Most Highs righteous children of all nations.

  • For the record, on the record, I, Chad 13 Bey™, serve The Most Highs El, ElyonElokhem Elohim, EyeyahAhayahYahashemyahshema. I am not affiliated with Rome.

  • For the record, on the record, I Chad 13 Bey™, denounce any ties to the corporate Vatican, governments, United States and their policies. I am free by birthright given by The Most Highs (Creators).

  • For the record, on the record, FEMA camps, microchips and vaccinations are against my rights/values in ordinance to United Nations D.R.I.P article 7, 8 and 10.

  • For the record, on the record, any attempt to rewrite or tamper with my title or change of status of my indigenous appellation is a act of genocide.

  • For the record, on the record, I Chad 13 Bey™, exercise my right/value to travel, right/value of mode of conveyance, right/value to a locomotion unmolested by law enforcement/Police officers.

  • For the record, on the record, My blood, DNA, fingerprints and bodily fluids are sacred. Thievery and use without consent is a $500,000,000 fine.
  • For the record, on the record, United States (American) supreme Court Decisions-Stare Decisis; (Original Jurisdiction-Article III : Rights of travel /Substantive Rights),The right to travel and or right of mode of conveyance,and or right to locomotion are all absolute rights, and the police can not make void the exercise of this right/value. State v. Armstead, 60s. 778, 779, and 781.



  1. I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima, a Tru Moor, Ri-OBey,
    am a witness and here forth state my testimony of my brother in spirit, CYahd 13 Bey, proclamation to/in the public realm.


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