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Today’s overview is graphic in a futuristic context.

This era’s tolerance for so called “freedom” (the do what I want attitude) has been advertised and propagated to the public on every front. What specifically is being advertised to everyone? Sex. Sex has flooded all areas of our communities. To who has sex and graphic acts been proposed to? Your children.

This article, on the Daily Dot, proves the dangers of these free radical behaviors.

This TED talk was conducted by a medical student, named Mirjam Heine; moving along, I note that titles-such as doctor or medical student- are subtle glorified statuses to lure the attention of those with common sense to “give it a chance.” This event took place in Germany, May 5th.

May 5th.

How long ago was May 5th? How long as this idea been propagated to the public?

Heine, also claims “Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation.” She proposes the idea that pedophilia is a “natural urge” and that there is a difference between child molesters and people with “pedophilic urges.”

People are using scientific theories, politics, and the public to normalize illegal behaviors. As horrid as it seems, seldom but true is the consequence of accepting so many unnatural devices. Pedophilia is only the new product being sold by those without ethics. Besides the movement of drugs, homosexuality, transsexualism, beastiality, and many more strange entrained beliefs, comes forth a people with a more sinister agenda.

The people should protect their minds and hearts before others attempt to think for you or your children.

Take heed to the Dove that shares insight.


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