TLCNews13 had the opportunity of interviewing Rio Bey, also known as Rio, the Great. He is the creator of TLCNews13 and Rio Bey Originals. His story is brimming with excitement, and we cannot wait to get to know the person behind the business.

TLC News 13: Tell us, if you could pick four things in life that are the most important, what would they be, and why?
Rio Bey:
  1. First would be The Most Highs because without them you cannot do anything at all.
  2. Family and children because no one will support you in your life more than them.
  3. Freedom, because without it, you are a slave at all level physically, emotionally, and mentally.
4. Unity, because without it, none of the other three things matter.
TLC News 13: How did you meet Da13thSun, and how did he change your life?
Rio Bey: Long story short, through a cousin of mine who showed me the videos. I was experiencing a hard time in my life, and it was then when I took heed to the message and saw the big picture. Also, I found his twitter account, @da13thsun, where I gained more knowledge from reading tweets. I became a member of his community, TLC Private, to help in every which way I could.
TLC News 13: How did you come up with Rio Bey Originals?
Rio Bey: Rio is short for Amario, my straw name. When I learned about nationality, thanks to Da13thSun, I took the “Bey” to create Rio Bey. For the business, I added “Originals” because I am not a “copy and paste” individual and everyone should be original.
TLC News 13: What  does the logo, “Rio Bey Originals” means?
Rio Bey: The logo has a box with the words inside that reads “Rio Bey Originals.” It means to stand in your square because the system wants us to follow what is wrong. I want to obey the womb. I want to obey Amma Mamma and The Most Highs. The two circles coming together is the symbol for the vesica piscis.

Our interpretation: The vesica piscis is the crossing of two identical disks. The center is on the perimeter of each other, which creates a womb. It means birth and how the cells divide at the moment of conception.
We did this interview and wrote it on the day of the Great American Solar Eclipse. Rio Bey, otherwise known as Rio the Great, Twitter handle is @thisisrio2. The two circles of Rio Bey Originals look like the beginning or end of a solar eclipse.
We also noticed Rio’s location at Kentucky, one of the states that get the view of the totality of this cosmic event. Do you think this is a coincidence? A new moon crossing the sun on a solar eclipse is the birth of new ideas. Amazing!
TLC News 13: We hear you have the talent of rapping and you are good at it! What are your plans regarding music?
Rio Bey: I am working on getting more studio equipment. I want to re-record old tracks, and I want to do new stuff. I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with my cousins from TLC, 13 Love Community Private. Ninesun Bey or Da13thSun created the community on Google Plus.
TLC News 13: You are the creator of TLC News 13. What is the purpose of this amazing community paper?
Rio Bey: The paper is “the Voice of the Community” which is the paper’s slogan. The content is original and written by the members of the community. Think about this, everyone receives a paper! I like to promote people and share love and news of interest to spread positive influence in other people.
TLC News 13: What is the difference between the promoted @TLCNews13 twitter compared to the new website?
Rio Bey: The was a tool we used in our beginnings to share news of interest and tag community members according to what they share on twitter. The community owns the domain of the new It is original and all-written by TLC members and not an external source.
TLC News 13: Is there any message you would like to provide to the younger generation?
Rio Bey: Let no one tell you, “You cannot do anything.” Cut all the negative friends. Cut anyone that does not believe in you. Trust in The Most Highs, keeping in mind a positive attitude and good heart.
TLCNews13: Thank you Rio for everything and for sharing your story with us!
You can contact Rio at twitter @thisisrio2 and his website
Rio has a pinned tweet on his twitter account posted on July 21, 2016. The time span adds up to 13 months before the creation of this article and the Great Solar Eclipse. The tweet reads:

“I always wanna do better, even when I commit mistakes, its still in my mind to do better.. Mistakes ain’t the end its the beginning to do better.”

Some of Rio Bey’s original quotes:

“In times of lawlessness and so called racial division”- Rio Bey Originals

“The originals get immortalized”- Rio Bey Originals

“The original comes before the copy, be original” – Rio Bey Originals

“When was the last time you listened to your parents?”- Rio Bey Originals


Reporting for TLCNews13,

Melinda Bey of

Twitter: @aromaoilganics @MelindaBey913 Google Plus: Aromaoilganics



Direct interview with Rio Bey himself.



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