Depression, constipation, fatigue, and everything in between-these are symptoms that are clear signals for you to clean your body. To alleviate your mind, you must make space for the body to operate; Hence, our attention must be recentered towards your colon.

Detoxification, is the removal of toxins (poisons) from the body. By consuming clean foods, we are capable of flushing out the poisons that linger in our body.

To be properly informed, I asked a pair who owns a business dedicated to restoring the health of The People and bringing us back to nature’s way. The company is called 13Krstalign, and has their declaration states:

“13 KRSTALIGN™ Is your primary resource to help guide you to your original state of mind and body. We use only the freshest, viable sources of herbs, teas, sea salts and activated enzymes to Regenerate AND Realign yourself BACK TO NATURE, AMMA. 9.13”

With the honor of interviewing them, here are the result:

In Th View


Q: What does 13Krstalign mean?

I am aware that krystals/crystals are stones that are often polished and refined for clarity; is this a fact that relates to the prospects of your services/mission to and for The People?


A: 13Krstalign means to align yahself back to Yah Krst-like (Christ) self. We are aware of the use of crystals aligning chakras and various healing abilities however we were speaking to crystallizing Yah dna back to a Christ-like being with various herbs, spices and teas.


Q: What is the point of detoxing ourselves? Many seek instant results; How often should we detox or cleanse? People still living with toxic habits(blood foods, processed/artificial foods, alcohol, etc) fail to change their ways, because they don’t see a need to improve. Why should the people replace their comforts with herbs, spices, and teas?


A: The point of detoxing is to remove toxic build up and waste accumulation within the body caused by an unnatural environment and/or consumption of artificial foods and poisoned fluoridated water, etc.

A: Each person’s body is different and has different cleansing needs. It’s up to the individual to study themselves to know how often to cleanse. However, for maintenance, One should Live and eat correctly as a lifestyle choice to prevent disease or malnutrition. Full body Cleansing once a month or once every three months is beneficial.

A: Keep in mind the reason WHY people poison themselves and believe it’s ok. Most have been taught and conditioned to have these certain habits at a young age, without true knowledge of how th mind and body operate. The first course of action begins in the mind, with deciding to follow natural law and knowing th mind and body are governed by laws. There are consequences to violating these laws that we should be aware of.

A: Each individual is on their own journey and if yah not lead to a path that leads Yah to righteousness, Yah won’t.


Beautiful, This is what people need to hear. It is their choice to lay in their own muddy waste and it is their own choice to tighten up and get Right out of it.

Rolling to the next two questions~

Q: Does Mindset have anything to do with the processes overall? Should we ease into cleansing or we’re strong minded, so we’ll just jump into it.

Q: Which area or organ should be cleaned first? Is there a herb or spice that will kick out more toxins?


A: Mindset as all to do with et. Everything begins with thought and making the decision to change of your own conviction is paramount. Like all things considered cleansing is a process and should not be jumped into without proper knowledge of Yah body and the type of cleanse Yah are trying to do. Yah can harm yahself if yah don’t know what Yah are doing. Study, study, study. No one can tell Yah how your body works and how Yah feel.

A: Depending on what stage Yah body is in will depend on what protocol to do first. However understanding that when detoxing, the toxins need to be processed out of the blood and they need a place to go. If yah are backed up, the toxins can not flush out and Yah problems can become worse very quickly. So a good way to begin any type of detox is to clean out Yah Colon!! All diseases begin in the colon first.

A: Also overstanding that the best way to cleanse and detox is first and foremost by eliminating not adding to Yah daily protocol. For example we suggest for anyone looking to cleanse their system to first begin with what they are putting in their body and on their skin. So what Yah eat and don’t eat are very important. Take a month to begin eating raw (uncooked), no meat, no dairy, lots of lemon honey and water fresh fruits, some seeds and nuts. Good soluble fats like avocado and coconut oil. Just by making this changes Yah body will detox on ets own. Adding herbs and toxin removers like dandelion root, burdock, yellow dock, Bentonite clays and Activated Coconut Charcoal to name a few, will enhance the effect and help aid in flushing the system and removing toxins. There are definitely some stronger herbs than others like Turpentine, H2O2, iodine and Activated Coconut Charcoal, etc. ^


This is good to know. I’d call these points, the foundation to detoxification. A wonderful thing to know, only if you want to change your life.

Now I only have a few more question. Since we uncovered the basics, let’s dive deeper.

Since a new season is coming, I am made aware that you (13Krstalign as a whole) are changing your stock and line of products (such as the pure Ra fire Kit, my favorite, pineal gland cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, etc). Change, the planet is evolving, thus so must we.

Q: How may the people evolve? (Improve there DNA)

Are there distinct super foods or methods to upgrade our cells/enzymes?

Q: Is fasting something worth doing to get further advancements? A clear mind, body, spirit? Spinning and spinning, our planet, our Earth, never stops growing, so with all the distractions it is an obstacle to grow. Would that act of fasting disconnect us from our busy habits or ruckus and better tune us to the higher rhythms of life? Getting musical lol but we are organism with Organs.


A: We are introducing a few heavy hitters when et comes to cleansing the system. We have improved our 13Pure Ra Fire and Colon Cleanse by adding more ingredients in an effort to get more done!! TMH’s willing, we will have them available by March 1st. A few things to look out for is Nascent Iodine 20%, Turpentine, H2O2 (35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide) and a package option that will include all of our major Cleanses!! We are very excited to offer these amazing tools to get us all to the next level of healing.

A: As Yah know only 15% will make the cut lol however ets still important for people to overstand the quality of life overall (foods, herbs and cleanses aside) is what will govern Yah mind and body to evolve into the next phase of life. We believe walking in Torah, laughing, taking deep breaths with the trees, planting Yah feet, singing and dancing are all necessary in Yah daily life to raise Yah vibration to change over Yah DNA. All things our Beloved rabbi has shown us. We have things like the Starseed Cleanse, Pineal Gland Cleanse, Chlorella and H2o2 that work on a cellular level but none of these additions matter if Yah heart is not light and Yah mind es not right.

A: Fasting is also a great tool that allows the body time to focus on breaking down the preexisting toxins and foods, etc., while producing new complete cells that will regenerate the body. We should all be on the path to eating less foods as our bodies become lighter and our DNA begins to change over to the Krstalign beings that we are. Our true selves. And yes, the act of fasting does humble us and holds space for us to get back in alignment with Amma and TMH’s. We all must adhere to the ebb and flow of the universe, ets who we are. Once we come to an overstanding that breathing, water and sunlight is all we need, then we will be outta business and 13grateful for et!! That’s our end goal.

We 13Love Yah and may TMH’s continue to shine upon Yah and yours. ThAnkh Yah for Yah relentless patience, perhaps next time we will interview over the phone lol

In Conclusion

Your mind and body is bestowed to you at birth, thus the responsibilities of maintenance is upon you before anyone else. To govern yourself is a process (neither strictly easy or hard). As you return to natural order (such as the seasons) you will soon see that you are aligned to a fluid life of persistent change.

Now there is also information on cleanses by using enemas(injects, tubes, etc). Cleanses that involve tubes and other injections, which are unnatural, should not be confused with the use of food to clean the colon.

Mother nature has all the tools, so use them! Learn about how her greens build you up. Learn how her fruits rejuvenate your cells both inside and out. Learn all your able to, for, the resources are there.

Start simple and discover what you need. The body, like seasons, cleans up and rebuilds a persistently. Be the same. 9.13

(Discern and Learn responsibly)

If you are in need of the proper nature tools/foods, you may check out 13krstalign today.


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