To prevent mental roadblocks when starting a business, you have to have the right mentality. It requires motivation, hard work, and perseverance. Getting your business off the ground requires having the right skills and mindset. Your attitude can make or break your business.

Lacking leadership skills

Great ideas are wonderful, but if you cannot lead your team, your organization can crumble. There is no need to panic. You can learn how to influence your staff, resulting in a successful business. The following skills will help you get over the mental roadblocks:

·         Listen more

The lack of listening skills can be a mental roadblock. Staff members extend your business, so listen to their concerns and ideas. They may have a few concepts to help you grow your business. Also, after getting ideas from your employees, give them credit for their input. It will contribute to building trust and morale. According to a research study, when you listen, show interest in the topic and avoid interrupting the speaker.

·         Have an open dialogue

Another mental roadblock is the lack of dialogue between managers and employees. Workers often get frustrated due to a lack of communication between them and management. If you are planning to change the structure of the company, arrange a meeting and talk to your staff. Surprises almost always lead to disgruntled employees. Prepare a manual for your staff members, letting them know what the expectations are.

·         It is okay to make mistakes

There is a saying goes, “No one is perfect.” You will make mistakes along the way. The beauty of a mistake is you learn from it. How you deal with the error determines your future success. The experts think when you make mistakes; you are improving your skills.

·         Delegate more

You cannot do the work by yourself even if you think no one else can do it better. If you hire talented staff, trust the team to showcase the skills they have. They can help you grow your business while you focus on running the company.

Mental Roadblocks: Negative thinking and failure

Negative thinking will get you nowhere. According to statistical data, about 20 percent of small businesses go under within the first two years. The same information states 50 percent fail within five years. You can do anything if you have the right mindset. Have a little faith in yourself and stick to your plans until you see success.

Mental roadblocks come in the form of negative thoughts. Some people have a habit of saying, “This or that will never work.” If you say “Never,” you are sabotaging yourself. Your thoughts come before your actions, meaning you think about something before doing it. Maintain positive affirmations by telling yourself you will succeed.

Lack of start-up funds

Most people who open their first business do not have the money to buy tools. The Small Business Administration (SBA) helps new companies get off the ground. You can get loans or grants to help you pay for equipment and staffing. The SBA enables you to prepare so you can get funding. There is a questionnaire they give you to help you get started.

You are not good at selling

Anyone can be a salesperson; it is not that difficult. When you convince your friends or family to do something they would not do, that is selling. Do you remember that job interview that landed you your first job? You had to sell yourself to get the job. Part of selling is to crave what you do. As long as you have that drive, your business will succeed.

Stop limiting yourself

The mental roadblocks you set for yourself will prevent your business from growing. Stop telling yourself you cannot do this or you cannot do that. You are setting yourself up for failure. If you say you cannot, you will never try. Try to develop positive affirmations by telling yourself that you can do, and you will do it.


It is typical to have concerns when starting a business. But, if you want to succeed, you need to have a positive attitude. You can learn any skills you are lacking; all you need is the right tools. Part of being a good leader is learning how to listen, communicate more, and delegating duties. Remove the limits placed on yourself and realize you can do anything if you stay focused.


  1. I once wrote a business plan (had help) there I needed t see all in detailed – this works for me. Stick to the plan.


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