Public Notice

  • For Th Record, I Am Non RESIDENT alien. I Am Foreign to the US. I’m Not a US citizen. I’m Not a FEDERAL citizen. I’m Not a DOMESTIC citizen.
  • I hereby void all contract,s vows, pledges, oaths, agreements of entrapment, and promises, conscious or unconscious made by me detrimental to me.
  • I declare and proclaim that the Al Moroccan Empire, North Central South America, and All adjoining islands is my National Domicile.
  • Also known as: The Northwest Gate, the Exteme West, Al Mahgrib Al Aqsa, North America Republic.
  • I AM a National Citizen by freehold, inheritance, by birthright, and primogeniture a Freeman on the land via Hashema my Creator.
  • I AM not associated with any hate groups or individuals who might have bad content on their page.
  • I Am Not Black, Negro, African American, Hispanic, Latino. I Do Not Belong To a Franchise Corporation. I Am Foreign to the USA Corporation.
  • I am a visionary, and by faith I see RESULTS, BREAKTHROUGHS, AND MANIFESTATIONS in my life for TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE 9.13.
  • Th Most Highs are creating a straight path for me to walk into my future guiding TLC cousins.
  • Th Most Highs are releasing all power to create a power shift, in and through me, for TLC.
  • I would like the record to reflect: I am Petrus Merry Bey™ A True Moor, in association with TLC 13Love Community™ Private.
  • I honor my foremothers and forefathers with the utmost reverence.
  • And the same is true for Mother Nature and Daughter Earth.
  • I-Petrus Merry: Bey™, take ownership & mastership of the fictitious entity “RICHARDS, DODSWORTH PETER” and it’s commerce, trust and fictitious holdings.
  • I, Petrus Merry: Bey™, pledge Allegiance to: Th Most Highs, Amma Mama, El Elyon, Elohim, Neters, Neterus, Yahushua Ha Mashiac and Righteous Only.
  • I, Petrus Merry: Bey™ Reserve All of my Rights to All social Media Accounts that I use who offer Terms and Conditions UCC 1-308; UCC 1-103.
  • For Th Record, on Th Record, I-Petrus Merry: Bey is IMMUNE from all US contracts.
  • Exemption is a privilege. TMHs give us Immunity 9.13.
  • “I reserve my rights WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-308” Petrus Merry Bey 9.13.
  • For Th Record, I’m not a human and do not consent to human rights. I only Accept G-D Given Rights, My Natural Rights by Nature not humans.
  • I’m Petrus Merry Bey. I’m a sentient Being. I’m a child of th Most High. I’m a child of th Sun. I’m a child of th immortal ones. 13 Love~?
  • For the Record, On the Record: My blood, DNA,Fingerprints & body fluids are sacred. Thievery or use without my consent is $100,000,000 fine.
  • For Th Record: My Religion doesn’t allow any needles, Chips, confinement in cells, or boxes. TMHs only want us free beings 9.13.
  • For The Record: I’m thankful to Da Most Highs for enlightening me to the presence of these Primary Virtues: Faith, Love, Courage, Humility, Temperance, Wisdom, Patience, Generosity, Gratitude, Mercy, Diligence, Fairness, and Risibility. 13Love~ ☺️
  • Secondary Virtues could perhaps even be some of the ones I just mentioned if one looks up the right words…but stuff like Wisdom + Mercy = Tact, Love + Wisdom = Philosophy, Generosity + Mercy = Grace and so on.
  • These principles conduce Harmony and Abundance by supporting one another as well as their users. Applying them together is the way to the true happiness many have discussed throughout the ages. 13Love~


  1. I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima, a Tru Moor, Ri-OBey,
    am a wittness and here forth state my testimony of my brother in spirit, Petrus Merry Bey™, proclamation to/in the public realm.



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