• I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, take ownership and mastership of the strawman “RAVEN AISHA PUGH” its commerce, trust, and fictitious holdings.
  • For the record, I hereby void all contracts, vows, oaths, agreements of entrapment and promises consciously or unconsciously made by me detrimental to me.

  • I belong to the nation of my fore fathers and mothers. I operate and govern myself by common law, which is allodial and de jure.
  • I am a beneficiary of The Creator HASHEM’S Earth. I am a private dweller and who is not for public use and foreign to UNITED STATES, INC.
  • I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, rescind all agreements and regulations that are contrary to the precepts of my Ancient Fore-mothers and Forefathers, The Moors.
  • For the Record: I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, DO NOT DRIVE for any corporation. I only privately TRAVEL on Th Most Highs way by law.
  • To misnomer me is to slander me and will be convicted of hate crime and is treason and conspiracy which carry the penalty of capital punishment.
  • I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, am a True Moor and a True Law Bringer of The Most Highs 9.13.
  • For the Record, on the Record, I am not a 14th amendment citizen under the current U.S. jurisdiction. I am a free Moor who has guaranteed rights under the Most Highs laws.
  • I am not black, negro, African American, Hispanic, or Latino. I do not belong to a franchise corporation. I am foreign to the U.S.A. Corporation.
  • I- Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, am a walking, talking, independent island womb man and a living spirit.
  • I would also like the record to reflect I am Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, Builder of RaYah Ahava NatureL Beauty™, in association with TLC, 13 Love Community™ Private.
  • My capacity is that of a “lawful womb man” who has full legal capacity and full legal rights.
  • For The Record, and on The Record, I AM Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey. I am a Walking Talking, Living Spirit. I am not a Person, Corporation, or any other Type Abomination.
  • I do not consent nor will I submit to any abominable creeds other Than the laws of The Most Highs who is My Father Hashem who is above all.
  • For the Record, on the Record, I am Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey. I am a True Moor. I am a Non-Resident Alien, and I am Foreign to the U.S. 9.13.
  • I am a womb man created by and in the image of our Father HASHEM, THE Living HASHEM of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, and Father of the Christ Yahshua.
  • I deny that I am an animal. I deny that I do business or enter into transactions with animals 9.13.
  • For the record, I am not associated with any thing, person, group, idea or entity perpetrating hate or any other lawless activity or movement.
  • I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, pledge Allegiance only to The Most Highs, Amma Mama, El Elyon, Elohim, Neters, Neterus, Yahushua Ha Mashiac, and Righteous Only.
  • I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, am trustee of My Progeny, who first and foremost belong to the Most Highs, Hashem. I am earthly guardian of my progeny.
  • I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, am a True Moor by Birthright. I claim my Inheritance of the Moorish Empire Estate left for me by my Fore-mothers and Forefathers.
  • For the record, I am not Christian, Muslim, or Jew. I am a child of The Most Highs, and my Turban and Crown reveal my devotion to Hashem.
  • For the Record, on the Record, I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, am IMMUNE from all US contracts. Exemptions is a privilege. TMHS give us Immunity 9.13.
  • I proclaim my Rights as A Free, True Moor 9.13. I Am Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey, a sentient being and not an artificial person or entity ALL CAP name 9.13.
  • For the record, on the record, I am Heir of the Moroccan Empire, reclaiming my heritage and inheritance, honoring my fore-mothers and fore-fathers.
  • For TH Record, on TH Record, I, Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey only serve The Most Highs. I only follow The Most Highs. TLC-13 Love 9.13.
  • As a Moor, I m not allowed to be a U.S. Corporation slave property. This is against all treaties and The Most Highs Laws on Earth. 13 Love.
  • I Am a Non-Resident Alien. I am Foreign to the U.S. I Am NOT a U.S. citizen. I am NOT a Federal citizen, and I am NOT a Domestic citizen 9.13.
  • I am Nobody, but I am Sun body. I am not an incorporated U.S. citizen. I am an Unincorporated Sentient Being of The Most Highs El Eloyn Elokhem Elohim.
  • For The Record, on The Record, 9.13 is I AM, the power of Th Most Highs El Eloyn Elokhem Elohim, Eyeyah Ahayah YaHashem YahShemah 9.13.
  • On Record, I AM a Moabite True Moor Wombman Created in the Image of TMHS. I AM NOT Human and DO NOT Consent to Human Rights only G-d Given Rights.
  • For the record, and let record show, I reserve my rights WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-308. –Rahven Aishah Ahava Bey 9.13.
  • For the record, I DO NOT Consent to, and I am not a part of this foreign privately owned corporation that pushes violence, wars, and sin on us publicly.
  • For the record: FEMA camps, vaccinations and microchips are against my rights in accordance to United Nations D.R.I.P.S. Articles 7,8 and 10.
  • For the record, I DO NOT Consent to or support artificial intelligence and sin, and I am not a part of the corrupt people and government who fund it.
  • For The Record: Do not affiliate me with Any Black Conscious movement. I do not steal weave or loot shops. I AM A Moor American National better known as M.A.N.
  • For the Record: I do not hate anyone. I dislike the actions of others and distance myself from them. But, I do not hate anyone. 13 Love!
  • For the Record: My Religion does not allow any needles, Chips, confinement in cells or boxes. TMHS only want us free beings 9.13.
  • For the Record, on the Record: My blood, DNA, Fingerprints, and body fluids are sacred. Thievery or use without my consent is $100,000,000 fine.


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