• For the Record, on the Record, I, formerly known as MARCAISSE PIERRE. S. GILLES, Proclaim myself a Moor. My Appellation is Rashid Musa Bey.
  • For the Record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, take Ownership and Mastership of Straw man “MARCAISSE SERGE GILLES,” and its commerce, trust, and fictitious Holdings.
  • I, Rashid Musa Bey, Proclaim I AM a Tru Moor by Birthright. My Fore-Mothers/Fathers Established TH Original Moorish Empire Recognized Worldwide.

  • I, Rashid Musa Bey, Reserve all my Rights without Prejudice and Recourse
    U.C.C.  1- 308.
  • For the Record, I am Rashid Musa Bey, a child of Th Most Highs, a child of Big Amma Mama. I am not a domesticated animal or U.S. citizen 9:13.
  • I proclaim my Rights as A Free, Tru Moor. I, Rashid Musa Bey, only follow TMHS way. I have no affiliation with the U.S. I am a sentient being.
  • On the Record, for the record, any attempt to rewrite my title to change the status of my Indigenous Appellation is an act of genocide.
  • For TH record; I Rashid Musa Bey, void all contracts made in United States of America. I reclaim my birthright as a Tru Moor 9.13.
  • For The Record, I am Heir to the Moroccan Empire, reclaiming my heritage and inheritance, honoring my fore-mothers and fore-fathers.
  • For the record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, follow TMHS only and serve TMHS only.
  • I DON’T consent to the ways of jinns or demonic entities. I am 9:13.
  • For TH Record, on the Record, I AM a private Member of TLC, 13 Love community Association of TMHS Righteous Children of all Nations 9:13.
  • For the Record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, AM a Tru Moor. I am NOT Black, Negro, African American. I am NOT a 14th Amendment Citizen.
  • I, Rashid Musa Bey, never drive. I TRAVEL in private under the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution, Kent v. Dulles 357 US 116, 125.
  • For the Record, I apologize to any and every woman I have ever disrespected. I admit I was in my lower self and I had no self respect. 13 Love.
  • For the record, on TH record, I am a breathing sentient being. I am not an artificial person or Corporation. I am Amma Mama’s sun, child of the sun 9:13.
  • For the Record, I’m not human, and I do not consent to human rights. I only accept G-D Given Rights, which is My Natural Rights by Nature and not humans.
  • For the Record, I Rashid Musa Bey, proclaim my Nationality as a Tru Moorish American National. I have Devine Birthrights given to me by TMHS.
  • For Th Record. I’m not Islamic. I’m not Christian. I only follow Th Most Highs RIGHT WAY as a Tru Moor.
  • I, Rashid Musa Bey, have nothing to do with Facebook. Nothing is authorized by me, and violation of my rights are subject to fine up to $1,000,000.
  • I hereby void all contracts, vows, pledges, oaths, agreements of entrapment, and promises conscious or unconscious made by me detrimental to me.
  • For the Record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, am a Child of TH MOST HIGHS. I have G-D Given Rights and not Human Rights. I follow Nature and Natural laws.
  • For TH Record, I am Non Resident Alien. I Am Foreign to the U.S. I’m Not a U.S. citizen.
  • I’m Not a FEDERAL citizen…
  • For the Record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, am a Sacred Holy Place/Palace.
  • I’m not special I’m nobody. But, I AM a Temple or Place of TH Most Highs Elohim.
  • I Am Sunbody.
  • Join me with TMHS 9.13. 13 Love.
  • For the Record, any like or retweet of my Public Proclamation is considered to bare witness of my public acknowledgement.
  • For the Record, if you hate anybody or any of my cuzzos from TLC 13 Love community, you hate yourself and TMHS will condemn you at judgement.
  • For the Record, calling me Black, African-American, Negro, Colored or any other name besides Moor is discrimination according to D.R.I.P.S.
  • For the Record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, do affirm that the RFID Chip, Immunizations & Fema Camps are strictly against my religion 9:13.
  • For the Record: I do not consent to Twitter’s undo of my witnessing to cuzzos f TLC Private Proclamation. My witness still stands 9.13.
  • People say I will go to jail for enforcing TH law. For the Record, I didn’t write United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

  • For TH Record, a Birthright can’t be bought, sold, transferred or waved. It’s a secured right given to everyone by The Most Highs Elokhem.
  • For TH Record, I, Rashid Musa Bey, am NOT 3/5 of a human being. I am a MAN IN FULL LIFE. I AM NOT CIVILITER MORTUUS.
  • For TH Record, anyone who violates any of my rights shall be fined 85,000,000 in lawful money or equivalent substance per violation.
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I am a Kiskeyan Moor from the aisles of the tropics. Above all, I am a Moor, with a record of singing, writing, and much more. I began my venures of writing as a youth. Sore cheek and bright eyed smiling as I practiced my abcs (which I still do to this day). As I grew through the public educational system and a new mind matured, a lot of my attention branched forth. Dancing became who I was, then singing, football, baseball, karate, acting, basketball, chess, handball,writing, and of course studying . Not any matter or subject could captivate my spirit. Although, a man of all trades, I have my strengths in poetry and music. With whole ballads on sites like and I proceed to expand my abilites within my loving communtiy and bring life to the people.


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