• For the Record, on the Record, let The Record Show, I am Sebastian Ramirez Bey™. I am a Tru Moor. I am a Non-Resident Alien. I am foreign to the U.S. Corp. I am NOT a U.S. Citizen/Corp 9.13.
  • For the Record, on the Record, I am NOT Christian, Muslim, or Jew. I am a Tru Righteous Moor and Child of TMHS. My Turban, Crown, and Garments show my devotion to my creator 9.13.
  • On Th Record: I Am A Tru and Free Moor who is a Private Member of the TLC 13 Love COMMUNITY Association of TMHS Children of All Nations 9.13.
  • I, Sebastian R. Bey™, pledge allegiance only to Th Most Highs Amma Mama, El Elyon, Elohim, Neters, Neterus, Yahushua Ha Mashiac, and Righteous Only.
  • I am a Private Dweller; not for Public Use and foreign to the U.S. INC. I am dwelling in an Independent, International Location upon Continental Amexem. ??
  • On Th Record: I Am A Tru, Free Moor Who Is A Private Member of the TLC 13 Love COMMUNITY Association of TMHS Children of All Nations 9.13.
  • For Th Record, any attempt to seize the vessel of Abba HaShem to collect a tax/debt is a violation and $13,000,000 fine per hour in gold.
  • For Th Record: FEMA camps, vaccinations, and microchips are against my rights by United Nations D.R.I.P.S. Articles 7, 8 and 10.
  • For Th Record, I, Sebastian Ramirez Bey™, take ownership and mastership of the strawman ” SEBASTIAN RAMIREZ JR” and its commerce, trust, and fictitious holdings.
  • For Th Record: I, Sebastian Ramirez Bey™, DO NOT DRIVE for any corporations. I only TRAVEL on Th Most Highs way By Law⚖.

  • For Th Record: I AM Sebastian Ramirez Bey™. I am a member of TLC 13 Love Community™ PRIVATE.

  • For Th Record, on Th Record. I, Sebastian Ramirez Bey™, am a Tru Moor and a Child of Th Most Highs.

  • For Th Record: My cousins of TLC cannot be U.S. citizens. We are Children of Elohim and not Rome Vatican citizens. ~Rabbi/Apostle Ninesun Amaru Bey

  • As a Moor, I am not allowed to be a U.S. Corporation slave property. This is against all treaties and Th Most Highs Law on Earth.
  • Again, I DO NOT DRIVE nor am I a commercial driver. I am a Traveler.

  • For Th Record: I AM Sebastian Ramirez Bey™ and a member of TLC 13love Community™ PRIVATE.
  • I will speak for My Cousins in Law ⚖ By Law 9.13.

  • ” I reserve my rights WITHOUT PREJUDICES UCC 1-308.” Sebastian Ramirez Bey™ 9.13.
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I am a Kiskeyan Moor from the aisles of the tropics. Above all, I am a Moor, with a record of singing, writing, and much more. I began my venures of writing as a youth. Sore cheek and bright eyed smiling as I practiced my abcs (which I still do to this day). As I grew through the public educational system and a new mind matured, a lot of my attention branched forth. Dancing became who I was, then singing, football, baseball, karate, acting, basketball, chess, handball,writing, and of course studying . Not any matter or subject could captivate my spirit. Although, a man of all trades, I have my strengths in poetry and music. With whole ballads on sites like claritydaily.org and diligentminds.org. I proceed to expand my abilites within my loving communtiy and bring life to the people.


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