I-Shaneli Bey, am a walking, talking, independent island mortal “WombMan” and a living spirit. I am NOT a person, corporation, or any other type of abomination.

The second sentence of said “Declaration of Independence” declares: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” [Emphasis added.]

The third sentence of said “unanimous Declaration” declares: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” [Emphasis added.]

For the record, I am not a person, corporation, or any other type of abomination. I am a “WombMan” created by and in the image of our Father HASHEM, the Living HASHEM of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and Father of the Christ Yahshua.

I deny that I am an animal. I deny that I do business or enter into transactions with animals.

My capacity is that of a “lawful WombMan” who has full legal capacity and full legal rights. I have not been deprived of any rights in court by outlawry or the excommunication of infamy. I can stand rectus in curia (“right in court”) and serve as a juror and swear an oath.

[See “legalis homo” on p. 913, Black’s Law Diction-, 8th Ed., A.D. 2004.] I am NOT a 14th Amendment citizen of The United States of America.

I am a beneficiary of The Creator HASHEM’S Earth. I am a private dweller who is not for public use and foreign to UNITED STATES, INC.

I am dwelling in an independent international location upon Continental Amexem, United States Minor, Outlying Islands. I am non-domestic to the District of Columbia and expressly reserving all Liberty.

For the record, I, formally known as SHANELI AGUSTIN JACINTO, proclaim myself a Moor. My Moorish National appellation is Shaneli Bey.

For the record, I am Heir to the Moroccan empire, reclaiming my heritage and inheritance, honoring my fore-mothers and forefathers.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey, take ownership and mastership of strawman “SHANELI AGUSTN JACINTO” and its commerce, trust, and fictitious holdings.

For the record, let the record show, I have the right of self-identity according to D.R.I.P.S, Articles 2, 6-10, 20, 33, 45, 46.

For the record, I AM Shaneli Bey, a Child of Th Most Highs, a living Spirit, and not a person, Corporation, or other type of abomination 9.13.

For the record, I AM Shaneli Bey. I AM a Moor, Royal immortal bloodline, and child of Hashem.

For the record, on the record, I, Shaneli Bey, AM a MOOR representing love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.

For the record, I am a member of TLC, 13 Love Community™, a Private Member Association of The Most Highs Righteous Children of All Nations.

For the record on the record, I, Shaneli Bey, am owner of Uprising Tea™ ( and also a member of TLC, 13 Love Community Private™.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey, am not a slave to U.S. Corporation. I am a sentient being, following the Laws of The Most Highs.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey, AM a Child of Th Most Highs. I am not a human-only a human can be a slave and chattel property of Rome.

I am not a 14th amendment citizen under the current U.S. jurisdiction. I am a free Moor who has guaranteed rights under the Most Highs laws.

For the Record, I AM Shaneli Bey, a Sentient Being of Amma Mama, El Eloyn, and  Elohim. I am NOT a Corporate Person.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey AM not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or any other Vatican associated group. I am a Child of The Most Highs.

For the Record, I, Shaneli Bey, am NOT of any Religious faction. I AM a child of The Creator. My TURBAN/CROWN show my devotion only to The Most Highs.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey, AM NOT affiliated or associated with any hate groups. I follow the Laws of Ma’at/ Nature/ The Most Highs.

For the record, the terms resident and citizen of the United States are distinguished from a Citizen of one of the several states. The former is a special class citizen created by Congress. U.S. v. Anthony 24 Fed. 829 (1873). I am not a Resident of The UNITED STATES. I am not a Citizen of The UNITED STATES. I am a Child of Th Most Highs Elohim 9.13.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey, do affirm that the FRID Chip, Immunizations and FEMA Camps are strictly against my religion 9.13.

For the record, the right to Park or Travel is part of the Liberty of which the Natural Person, citizen cannot be deprived without “due process of law” under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Kent v. Dulles 357 US 116, 125.

I, Shaneli Bey, exercise my Right to Travel/Right to mode of Conveyance Right to Locomotion unmolested by law.

For the record, I, Shaneli Bey, AM IMMUNE from all US contracts. Exemptions are privileges and Th Most Highs Immunity 9.13.

I- Shaneli Bey, reserve my rights without prejudice UCC 1-308.

For the record, I Shaneli Bey, follow The Most Highs Laws which is LAWFUL aka common Law. Legal is statues and acts.

To all and of (every) Jurisdiction in and of the United States, I AM a Moor by Laws for The Record. All Officers, departments, agents, employees, personnel, and assigns are bound by Oath to uphold and support the Constitution for the United States Republic North America.  All statutes, codes, rules, and contracts repugnant to the Constitution are void Ab Initio, pursuant to Nature’s Law, Divine Law, and affirmed by Article VI of the Constitution 9.13.





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