• For the Record, I, Sheflies13 Bey, am a TLC 13 Love Community™ PRIVATE Member Associate, not a corporate fiction via Ninesun Amaru Bey.

  • For the record, I am Sheflies13 Bey, a child of Th Most Highs; son of beloved Amma Mama—NOT a domesticated animal and not a U.S. citizen 9.13.
  • For the record: If you hate on da13thsun @da13thsun and or anyone, then you hate on me; TMHs will condemn you in the judgment 9.13.
  • On the record, for the record, I am a True Moor. True Moors have G-D Given Rights–NOT Human Rights 9.13.
  • For the record, I am not a Ward of The State or born in any County belonging to United States.
  • For the record, I am not a Sovereign Citizen and have no connection with lawlessness or animals.
  • On the record, for the record, let record show, I have the right of self national identity according to D.R.I.P.S. Articles 2, 6, 10, 20, 33, 45, 46.
  • For the record, and on the record: I am Sheflies13 Bey, a true Moor, Indigenous to the Land of North Amexem/America and Heir of Moorish Empire.
  • I deny that I am an animal. I deny that I do business or enter into transactions with animals  9.13.
  • For the Record, and On the Record, I am Sheflies13 Bey, a Walking Talking Living Spirit, not a Person, Corporation, or any other type Abomination.
  • I am Nobody. I am Sun body. I am not an incorporated U.S. citizen. I am an Unincorporated Sentient Being of The Most Highs El Eloyn Elokhem Elohim.
  • I am a Non-Resident Alien. I am Foreign to the U.S. I am not a U.S. citizen. I am not a Federal citizen. I am not a domestic citizen 9.13.
  • I, Sheflies13 Bey, rescind all agreements and regulations that are contrary to the precepts of my Ancient Fore-mothers & Forefathers, the Moors.
  • For the Record, on the Record, I am Sheflies13 Bey. I only serve The Most Highs. I follow only The Most Highs. TLC 13 Love! 9.13.
  • On the record, for the record, I rebuke all sinners, haters, demons, devils, deceivers, agents, and followers of Satan 9.13.
  • On the record, for the record, any attempt to rewrite my title to change the status of my Indigenous Appellation is an act of genocide.
  • For TH Record, I, Sheflies13 Bey, serve TH Most Highs, El Eloyn Elokhem Elohim, Eyeyah Ahayah, YaHashem, YahShemah.
  • I’m not affiliated with the U.S.A.
  • On the record, I am a Moor, honoring my ancestors.  Any attempt to detain me while traveling is an act of discrimination against my religion 9.13.
  • I reserve my rights WITHOUT prejudice via UCC 1-308. Sheflies 13 Bey 9.13. 13 Love!
  • For the record, FEMA camp vaccinations and microchips are against my rights in accordance to United Nations D.R.I.P.S. Articles 7,8 and 10.
  • For the Record, I, Sheflies13 Bey, have No affiliations with Muslims, Christians, Terrorists or any other crazy groups.
  • For the record, on the record: My blood, DNA, Fingerprints, and body fluids are sacred. Thievery or use without my consent is $100,000,000 fine.
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I am a Kiskeyan Moor from the aisles of the tropics. Above all, I am a Moor, with a record of singing, writing, and much more. I began my venures of writing as a youth. Sore cheek and bright eyed smiling as I practiced my abcs (which I still do to this day). As I grew through the public educational system and a new mind matured, a lot of my attention branched forth. Dancing became who I was, then singing, football, baseball, karate, acting, basketball, chess, handball,writing, and of course studying . Not any matter or subject could captivate my spirit. Although, a man of all trades, I have my strengths in poetry and music. With whole ballads on sites like and I proceed to expand my abilites within my loving communtiy and bring life to the people.


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