Public Notice

  • I formally known as “Krista Janell Bradshaw” proclaim that I will go by Sunshine Janel Bey™ for all of my personal transactions


  • For Th Record, On Th Record, I Am Sunshine Janel Bey™.


  • I Am a Tru Moor and Living Sentient Being. Not a Person, Corporation, or any other abomination.


  • “I reserve my rights WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-308” -Sunshine Janel Bey™9.13.
  • I, Sunshine Janel Bey™, Am a Tru Moor, A Tru Law
    ENFORCER of Th Most Highs Laws 9.13.


  • For Th Record, on Th Record, I- Sunshine Janel Bey™, Am a Sentient Being.
    I Am a child of Th Most Highs.
    I Am a child of Th Sun.
    I Am a child of Th Immortal Ones. 13Love.


  • For the record, I am not associated with anything, person, group, idea or entity, perpetrating hate or any other lawless activity or movement.


  • I, Sunshine Janel Bey™ , Proclaim my Rights as A Tru, Free Moor. I Am A Sentient Being, NOT an Artificial Person or Entity All Caps Name 9.13.


  • For Th Record, On Th Record, I- Sunshine Janel Bey™,  I Am AN ORIGINAL BLOOD Moor by Birthright, and I Rise Up In That Authority 9.13.


  • For the record,My National Divine Creed is Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice everyday Religion and Divine morals honoring TMHs


  • For Th Record; I, Sunshine Janel Bey™, void all contracts made in United States of America and reclaim my birthright as a Tru Moor.

  • I, Sunshine Janel Bey™, am an Indigenous Moor.  I am a Non-Resident Alien and Foreign to The U.S. Corporation, Not a US Citizen. I Am a Daughter of TMHS.


  • I Am not a teacher, a preacher, nor a guru. I Am who I Am and that is All That I Am 9.13.


  • I- Sunshine Janel Bey™ do not Drive for commercial purposes. I am a free Moor who proclaims my Right to travel via private mode of conveyance 9.13.

  • For The Record, on Record, I, Sunshine Janel Bey™, Exercise my Right to Travel/Right to mode of Conveyance, and Right to Locomotion unmolested by law.

  • For the record: I, Sunshine Janel Bey™ , DO NOT DRIVE for any corporations. I only TRAVEL on Th Most Highs way By Law

  • I, Sunshine Janel Bey™, pledge Allegiance to TH Most Highs,
    Amma Mama
    El Elyon
    Yahushua Ha Mashiac
    and Righteous Only


  • I Sunshine Janel Bey™ only follow Yahushua Ha Mashiach 9.13 TMHs Elohyim & only begotten son. I don’t follow NO men but I keep Yahushua as my true savior


  • I’m not a resident of Th United States. I’m not a citizen of the United States. I’m a child of Th Most Highs Elohim 9.13.


  • I rather be HATED for who I Am than to be loved for who I Am not 9.13.


  • I Sunshine Janel Bey™ take this oath of Allison and Affirm to be one with Nature NOT any Corporate construct of a de facto government of policy


  • For Th record, on Th record, any attempt to rewrite my title to change the status of my Indigenous Appellation is an act of genocide.


  • I’m Nobody.
    I’m Sun body.
    I’m not an incorporated US citizen.
    I’m a free willed Sentient Being child of Th Most Highs El Eloyn Elokhem Elohim.


  • For TH Record, on Th Record, I AM not associated with ANY hate groups or freemason clubs. Facts! 9.13.


  • On Th Record, for Th Record, I, Sunshine Janel Bey™ , am a member of TLC 13 Love Community Private™.
    Not a corporate fiction nor lawless community! 9.13.


  • For TH record, on Th record, RFID Chips, FEMA Camps, and Vaccinations are against my religion. I Am exempt from such defilement 9.13.


  • For the record I am NOT Christian, Muslim or Jew. I am a child of TMHs. My turban, Fez, Crown and garments show my devotion to the creator.


  • For the Record, I am not a fictitious Corporation. I claim ownership of the STRAWMAN and estate of said person “Krista Janell Bradshaw”. I AM Sunshine Janel Bey™ , A TRU MOOR an child of TMHs who was made in the image of Hashem


  • For the record, on the record to rewrite my indigenous appellation is called Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act a Federal Crime


  • For the record, ALL contracts are void in Dishonor under United States of America, Inc. Since 1933 called Breach of Contract


  1. I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima, a Tru Moor, Ri-OBey,
    am a wittness and here forth state my testimony of my sister in spirit,Sunshine Janel Bey™’s, proclamation to/in the public realm.


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