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Everyone wants the best goods/products; yet with so many varieties of certain products, how do we distinguish wether goods are truly fair or inadequate? Therefore I will bring forth factors and facts, greatly needed to make the right moves in commerce. 

When we look at our basic needs (toilet paper, tooth paste, clothes, etc), most often we accept any thing that works. The toothbrush in this case is one of those careless items many under-appreciate. However, we use the toothbrush daily. These certain items we keep around us should be utilize wisely; therefore, we are responsible for where we get our goods and where we dispose them.

On twitter I came across a company called Manabrush™. At first glance I noticed ManaBrush™ sold bamboo brushes. Unlike the plastic or so called advance “electrical toothbrushes,” these bamboo designed brushes are completely bio-degradble (recyclable). I went on to contact creator and owner of Manabrush™, Yassin Sun™, for a greater insight on his mission.

Before I introduce the interview, here is a quick overview on the origin of toothbrushes:

  • Records showing found toothbrushes found in Ancient Egyptian(Khemet) grounds.
  • Records showing ancient civilizations such as China, Byzantine, and India using toothbrushes.
  • Sanskrit writings in India found on toothbrushes
  • The previous design comparative to today’s modern brush is known to be a chewing stick or a miswaks

  • The modern brush was said to first be recorded by China, created with bones and animal hair as the main instruments
  • The same instruments were used throughout time and nations. With horse hair and boar hair
  • The modern day toothbrush was patented in Europe by
  • Celluloid polymer or plastic superceded the animal based brush

The introduction of plastic toothbrushes and electrical brushes are all genuinely new to the current era we live in. Although the modern day tools seem advance, our reality reveals that tons of plastic remain un-recycled. This dam created by plastic products such as toothbrushes may be resolved by switching to bio-degradble goods. Thus, I introduce Manabrush™

The Side

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  • Medima

1.What does Manabrush sell? And how did you come to put together Manabrush? (Development wise, creative process, etc)


Yassin Sun™

 It all started in 2016 when I wanted to start a business but not just to make a living, I wanted to start a business where I can make a difference with, I wanted to help the earth while doing business. I’ve spend a lot of time thinking in silence about good business ideas and I had some ideas but they were not good enough, until one night I’ve seen documentaries about the plastic pollution in our oceans and earth and how this affects our earth and wildlife.

After watching that I was getting ready to go to bed so I brushed my teeth and it was at that moment this idea popped in my head, why am I brushing with plastic? How many people are brushing with plastic toothbrushes? Where do these plastic end up?

Question I immediately researched and came to find out that in North America alone over 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away EACH YEAR! Imagine how many plastic toothbrushes are thrown away in the entire world!

At that moment I thought this is the greatest idea ever, I can start my own business and make a difference at the same time. I didn’t go to sleep because I was to excited about this so I spend the entire night researching and found a manufacturer in China which could produce my idea, bamboo toothbrushes. So I created the business plan, designed a logo and send them my idea and they quickly send the first samples in September 2016.

I loved the bamboo toothbrush and made my first order to produce 500 Manabrushes. I took a while to fine tune things with the manufacturer and there were some complications that delayed everything but you know everything in th divine time. I learned a lot from that on how to do business, how to talk to manufacturers, how to deal with certain circumstances.

And now in 2018 with much more knowledge on how to do business I was ready to open my business.

  • Medima

Amazing👐, that’s the beauty of creativity

2. Now here’s my interest, what are the benefits of bamboo toothbrushes that you’ve found researching?

Yassin Sun™

Well, every plastic toothbrush created since the invention of plastic toothbrushes in the 1930’s still exist to this day! Just let that marinate.

We all know that plastic takes hundreds of years to breakdown in the soil, and with that plastic toothbrushes release harmful toxins in to the environment.

Plastic toothbrushes are made from a combination of plastic material derived from crude oil, rubber and a mix of plastic.

It’s nots only the disposal of plastic toothbrushes that are a issue it’s also to the production of these plastic toothbrushes that pollute our environment.

Now, Manabrush™ is made of MOSO bamboo which is one of the fastest growing plants on earth.

Bamboo has so many benefits compared to plastic. For example when you have to replace your Manabrush you can just throw away the bamboo handle in your compost and it will safely return to the soil within 6 months, no toxins no harm.

Did you know, The bamboo plants belong to the fastest growing plants in the world.

After harvesting, the bamboo stalk does not die but grows back to 20 meters (65 feet) in just a few months, that’s amazing.

One of the most important reasons we use bamboo is because the bamboo stalk grows back so fast, there is no deforestation.

Our bamboo is 100% organic and because of it’s antimicrobial properties there is absolutely no need to use fertilizers or pesticides which is good for the environment where the bamboo grows.

I want to achieve that I get as many people as possible to switch from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes because that will save hundreds of millions of plastic waste each year! I want to prevent animals getting hurt by plastic and our environment getting destroyed by plastic. Why would we do that if there are eco friendly alternatives.

So with Manabrush™ you:

Reduce plastic pollution
Protect nature and wildlife
Can just throw away the Bamboo handle in compost
Support a good cause
Save tons of plastic waste worldwide

  • Medima

Tis is a lot of good to know information.

3.Where do you receive your bamboo from? (Nation, land)

Yassin Sun™

The bamboo that’s being used for the Manabrushes originates from China

  • Medima

Production and growth all in one area, is a true gift. Last question.

4. Will there be any future products coming to Manabrush™ that you could make known to the public?

Yassin Sun™

First I wanted to start a whole oral care line with natural toothpaste etc but later I noticed a queen in TLC is going to do that so I dropped those ideas so we all can eat.

I decided to only focus on the toothbrush instead. But there will be toothbrush cases and holders very soon!

  • Medima

Ooo wee, I’m excited to see where Manabrush™ trots going forward^

Yassin Sun™

Me too and I’m excited for the future of TLC businesses because I see the picture. If everyone has its craft/business imagine what we can achieve as a community

Yassin Bey™, prompts further growth in the movement to clean up our home(Earth). Leading by example, Manabrush™ proceeds to create staple goods while simultaneously serving the Earth.

Evey business is a service. What is your service? What does your service provide? What is your mission? These productive thoughts generated when searching for goods or producing goods should guide you to choose the most qualified items needed to grow and then evolve.

Keep creating and growing with nature.

For Mo information on Manabrush™:

Twitter: @manabrush13



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