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Did you know that you can unlock codes from your DNA? According to the spiritual experts, if everyone on earth has her or his DNA activated, each person will have a higher conscious awareness. When the time is right, you will use telepathy to communicate with each other. Since everyone is not on an equal footing, you can do things to unlock codes from your DNA.

Elevating the mind to reactivate DNA

One way to unlock codes from your DNA is to raise your consciousness. You can start by studying who you are and how you came to earth. Dr. Suzar wrote an excellent piece entitled “Blacked Out Through Whitewash.” The book discusses lies told in His-Story as a way to manipulate a particular group of people.

An excerpt of the book is on YouTube by Dr. Suzar. People grew up hating themselves because of lies told to them. Individuals who hate themselves do not realize the people they are trying to emulate are working to be just like them. Do you see the irony? Learning the truth will help you free your mind and unlock codes from your DNA.

Decalcifying your Pineal Gland

Certain foods or substances calcify your pineal gland. The pineal gland has the shape of a pine cone and is in the center of the brain. Some call it the “Third” eye and others call it the “First” eye. The gland produces melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep and wakefulness. If you avoid these foods and or substances, you will unlock codes from your DNA.

The following foods and or substances calcify the pineal gland:

·         Fluoride

It has a high attraction to the pineal gland. You can find fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water. The substance forms calcium phosphate crystals that build up and harden the pineal gland. A better choice is to use natural toothpaste without fluoride and drink pure spring water.

·         Calcium supplements

The calcium supplements in foods have calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. They harden the pineal gland. It is best to eat natural plant-based foods rich in calcium. Foods such as sesame seeds, chia seeds, and leafy green veggies have calcium.

·         Cold liquids

Drink the water at room temperature. The cold water or ice will calcify your pineal gland and put your body in shock. Have you ever drank cold water or eat ice and you end up with an instant headache?

Ice freezes your pineal gland; I guess Ice Cube is doing a really good job for his puppet master unbeknownst to him. Go Figure  Rabbi Ninesun Bey

Also, when you drink cold water, you find yourself drinking more and more, but you are still thirsty. Why do you feel thirsty? According to the experts, your average body temperature is 98.6°F or 37°C. When the water is too cold, your body exerts more energy to warm up the water. Hence it takes much longer for your body to hydrate.

Your BODY is about 80% water….Your BRAIN is about 95% water….Every fluid enters your body travels through your PINEAL GLAND…  -Rabbi Ninesun Bey

·         Pesticides

Foods treated with pesticides have toxins harmful to the pineal gland. Eat organic foods free of pesticides.

·         Alcohol/Sugar/Caffeine/Tobacco

If you cut such foods or substances from your diet, your body will be more in tune, and your awareness will improve.

Meditate to unlock codes from DNA

Meditation is another way to raise your awareness and unlock codes  from your DNA.  When you meditate, you become more sensitive to the changes within your body. You will know if something is off because your mind is at ease. Have you ever had that gut feeling that something is wrong? Meditation helps to increase your intuition or gut feeling.

You can also use meditation to control stress.

A group randomly assigned to 5 days of meditation practice with the integrative body–mind training method shows significantly better attention and control of stress than a similarly chosen control group given relaxation training.   –Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Meditation affects how you make decisions. If you meditate often, you make better choices. The mind can tell the difference between an emotional as opposed to a rational response. It takes practice to train your senses and make the right decisions. You elevate yourself and unlock codes from your DNA when you make the right choices.

In particular, recent evidence has suggested that meditation may play a role in reducing economic decision biases and enhancing the empathy, compassion, and altruism involved in social decisions. Frontiers in Psychology

Eating Foods Rich in Alkaline

The foods you eat will help you unlock codes from your DNA. Eating foods rich in alkaline will help raise your awareness and psychic abilities. You will remember your dreams, and you will feel calmer. Your creative skills will improve, and your overall energy will increase.

A high level of spiritual growth through pineal gland decalcification can be gained by eating more alkaline foods.  Waking Times


As spiritual beings, taking steps to unlock codes from your DNA brings you closer to a more heightened awareness. You can do so by finding out who you are, decalcify your pineal gland, and meditate more. Other ways to unlock codes from your DNA include avoiding certain foods and eating alkaline-rich foods.

Are you making the effort to unlock codes from your DNA? Please feel free to leave a comment.






  1. Chaga is known to decalcify/detox the pineal gland and to help the entire endocrine system. Chaga is loaded with melanin, fights off all kinds of diseases, keeps the body fungus and parasite free with regular use, and has been used for thousands of years for longevity. I find this very beneficial.

    Go to my website to try fresh Siberian chaga chunks to make numerous batches of chaga tea.

  2. Great article seas. Other herbals and spiritual foods for activating DNA: Brahmi/Gotu Kola leaf, Ginkgo Biloba and soft food inside Ginkgo Biloba seed, Foti; Sweet creek natural spring water; communicating with ye RNA to work in harmony with ye DNA; sing primordial praises to ye Supreme Ancestors; make up your mind to help uplift humanity and ye Ancestors start to work with you to achieve this for greater good, etc

    Ese o (Thank you)

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