Have you ever heard of vagina steam cleaning? Ladies, before you run out and steam, douche, or spritz your yoni, please read this article. People get excited about the latest fad without doing proper research. An unhealthy vagina can make your life a living hell.

What is vagina steam cleaning?

It is the process of sitting over a steaming pot of water mixed with medicinal and aromatic herbs. The person administering the cleanse recommends squatting over the water while you are naked. The herbs used in the steaming process include wormwood, rosemary, mugwort, and basil. Lavender is another herb used for steam cleaning. For comfort, you will sit in an OB/GYN chair.

The practitioner inserts a tube filled with the herbs over a pot of steaming water. She will ask you to position your legs at the opening of the container so that the steam will flow up your yoni. The only thing that passes through your vagina is the steam. The claim is the procedure will detox and rejuvenate your yoni. During the vagina steam cleaning, your yoni will feel warm and moist.

Why women steam clean their yoni?

Reasons women go through vagina steam cleaning include heightened sexual pleasure, increased circulation and an overall cleansing. Other reasons women steam clean their yonis involve maintaining uterine health, regular menstrual flow, and improves digestion.

One female celebrity claims vagina steam cleaning relaxes her yoni and gives her a real orgasm. Despite the claims people make, the medical establishment does not agree with vagina steam cleaning.

Why should you say “no” to vagina steam cleaning?

If your OB/GYN tells you not to douche, why would it be okay to cook, sorry, steam clean your vagina? Is it possible to overcook your yoni during the procedure? The reason for the pun is to show how important it is to safeguard your vagina.

Dr. Jen Gunter states you should not detox your vagina or uterus. Your yoni has not lost its mind. It is not tired or dirty neither is it depressed. Your vagina will take care of itself with no interference from you. But, if you experience cramping, bleeding, or itching, that is a different story. It is still not okay to steam, douche, or spritz anything in your hoo-ha. Instead, meet with your OB/GYN.

Don’t detox your vagina or uterus with a bag of herbs in your vagina. Really. –Dr. Jen Gunter

Salespeople use words to trick you, thinking you have to alter the state of your vagina. There is no real reason for a vagina steam cleaning. If you have a healthy diet, your yoni will lubricate itself. OB/GYNs think it is okay to have cramps during your menstrual cycle. Heavy bleeding, severe pain, or odor means you should see a doctor. It could be something serious.

According to Scientific American, vagina steam cleaning might harm your lady parts. Your yoni has good bacteria, keeping your hoo-ha acidic. When you add something else to your lady parts, it might upset the good bacteria, resulting in an infection. You want these bacteria to protect you from harmful toxins.

How the vagina takes care of itself?

Studies show a healthy vagina should have a PH level of 3.8-4.5. Your yoni is acidic, which blocks bacteria and other harmful toxins. If the PH level of your hoo-ha is 5 or more, you will develop yeast overgrowth or other bacterial infection. Your vagina cleans itself by discharging healthy mucus. So, each time you have a discharge, your hoo-ha is cleaning itself. When you wash the outside of your yoni, use unscented soap and warm water.


Vagina steam cleaning is an ingenious way to reinvent the wheel to make money. Tell women what they want to hear, and they will fall right in line. You will enjoy heightened sexual pleasure. No more cramping and other claims, convincing women to go through with the procedure.

If a Hollywood star does something, it does not mean the rest of the world should do it too. Ask yourself this question: Why is a celebrity pushing this procedure? Are you lining an individual’s pocket for promoting something of which you are unsure? It may sound like a fantastic idea, but is it something you should do?

What is your take on vagina steam cleaning? Please feel free to voice your opinion.


  1. Something missing here is the acknowledgement of what cannot be seen by the naked eye. The manifestation of these things though, are Very apparent on the observational level. On the metaphysical level, my first yoni steam offered me a powerful way to energetically cleanse myself of ties/remnants of past relations that no longer served my highest good. INTENTION can be the most Powerful factor in any practice. So if yr doing a yoni steam to solely cleanse on the physical level you may be missing the point of many herbal steams entirely, like this article.


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