What is minding your business, really? If you are an individual who overthinks things quite often, do not rack your brain this time around. If you do then you are probably abusing your most valuable product. For in reality whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee you are indeed a business. As a business, you do have something to offer and this is your energy.

Think of it this way, as an employee you are not necessarily working for someone you are working with them. You have sold your labor for an agreed amount. There is a reason why the phrase, “Sold your soul.” Is common. Quite literally the sole of your feet expends the most energy daily. In other words, your sole is your energy and you give your energy a purpose. Are you using your energy wisely or throwing your energy away for material gains?

Your very life is the business and if you want to be philosophical about it, your purpose is to better this business. Do not be fooled not every business is about the exchange of monetary funds. Your thoughts and actions are in some sense spiritual transactions with Th Most Highs. What you feed yourself and how you treat others are transactions between you and this physical world. In this life, we are all in the business of growth.

What is it that feeds your heart? What is the change you want to see in the world? What comes naturally to you? These are questions that often have to be outlined and answered in a business plan. If you have asked yourself these questions already then you are on the right track. It is often said that you have to be the change that you want to see in the world and this is very much true. In order to be that change you have to begin to work on yourself from the inside out and being about this work is definitely a form of business.

Once you comprehend this, you begin to realize why distractions exist. If you are not focused on building yourselves in order to build those around you then your business is more than likely in the control of something or someone else. Mine your mind and determine what Th Most Highs placed in your heart to fulfill. We all were given the same tools in order to bring success to our business; a brain, hands, feet, etc… There is always work to be done, so, make the most of the time we were given. Remember we are on the clock.


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