“Verily I say unto you, that bread is not so good for Th TEMPORAL LIFE as is LEARNING for Th ETERNAL LIFE.
Know ye not that it is a precept of ELOHYIM to LEARN.
For thus saith YAH:
“Ask of THINE ELDERS, and they shall TEACH THEE.
Go Figure

Rabbi Wisdom”

From The Rabbi/Apostle Ninesun Amaru Bey. TLC

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I am a Kiskeyan Moor from the aisles of the tropics. Above all, I am a Moor, with a record of singing, writing, and much more. I began my venures of writing as a youth. Sore cheek and bright eyed smiling as I practiced my abcs (which I still do to this day). As I grew through the public educational system and a new mind matured, a lot of my attention branched forth. Dancing became who I was, then singing, football, baseball, karate, acting, basketball, chess, handball,writing, and of course studying . Not any matter or subject could captivate my spirit.Although, a man of all trades, I have my strengths in poetry and music. With whole ballads on sites like claritydaily.org and diligentminds.org. I proceed to expand my abilites within my loving communtiy and bring life to the people.


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