• I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, take ownership and mastership of the strawman “JASHINA LEROUGE” and it’s commerce, trust and fictitious holdings.
  • For Th record, On Th record: I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, Reserve all My Birthrights given to me by my Heavenly Mother and Father, without prejudice.

  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey: Pledge Allegiance only to Th Most Highs Amma Mamma, El Elyon, Elohim, Neters, Neterus, Yahushua Ha Mashiach 9/13
  • I Am A Non Resident Alien.
    I Am Not A U.S Citizen.
    I Am Not A Federal Citizen.
    I Am Not A Domestic Citizen.
    I Am Foreign To Th U.S. 9/13.
  • For Th record, on Th record: I Am Heir of Th Moroccan Empire, reclaiming my Heritage and Inheritance honoring my fore-mothers & fore-fathers.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, Am A Sentient being.
  • I Am A child of Th Most Highs.
  • I Am A Child Of Th Sun.
  • I Am A Child Of Th Immortal Ones. 9/13.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, Am here to uphold Th Divine Principles of My Ancient fore-mothers & fore-fathers: Love, Truth, Peace, Justice and Freedom.
  • On th record, for th record: Any attempt to rewrite My Title is to change my Status of my Indigenous Appellation which is an Act of Genocide.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, acknowledge that Th Bible is Foundational Law as stated in Public Law 97-280(1982) and use Th laws therein as my guide.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, Am beneficiary of Th creator HASHEMS Earth, a Private Being, Who is not for public use, and foreign to th U.S, INC.
  • For th record,On th record: I Am a walking, talking, living, breathing sentient being, a child of Hashem, Not a corporation, person or minor.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey: In th exercise of My Inalienable Rights, and International right to self-determination, am chosing to follow TMHZ laws.
  • I Declare and proclaim that the Al Moroccan Empire comprising North, Central, South America, and All the adjoining islands are my National Domicile.
  • For the record: I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, void Ab Initio, all contracts made by me that have bound/entrapped me without full disclosure.
  • For the record, on the record: I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, Am not associated with any hate groups or anyone who is discriminatory toward others.
  • For the record, on the record: I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, Am a TLC 13Love Community Private Member Associate amd Not corporate fiction.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey: Am NOT a 14th Amendment citizen or under th jurisdiction of th U.S corporation. I Am a Tru Moor.
  • I-Yasheena Auseea Bey, hereby void all contracts, vows, pledges, oaths ,agreements, and promises that are detrimental to me and my status.
  • For th record: I Am Yasheena Auseea Bey.
    I Am A Tru Moor.
    I Am not a resident alien.
    I am foreign to the U.S. 9/13.
  • I:Yasheena Auseea Bey, Am a Moor, Not a corporation, negro, black, colored or any other brands made by man. I am a child of The Most Highs. HASHEM!
  • The United States have no jurisdiction over me. I am not their slave or property, Nor am I a minor who needs their guardianship.
  • I Am not affiliated with th U.S corporation. Th U.S corporation is a privately owned business, and I am not its employee or chattle. 9/13.


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