• I, Formally known as Jhorman Medina, Am immersed in my spiritual faith as Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™; A Moor-Man, American National, Kiskeyian, Bey.
    13 Hashema
  • I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima do not associate with any persons/groups/ideas engaged in hate, terrorism, supremacy or unlawful activity

  • I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™, take ownership & mastership of the strawman name “JHORMAN MEDINA”, and its commerce, trust, and fictitious holdings.
  • I hereby void all contracts, vows, pledges, oaths agreements of entrapment & promises conscious or unconscious made by me detrimental to me.
  • For the record, on Record, I AM not associated with any hate groups or individuals who might have BS content on their page.
  • I pledge my allegiance only to Th Most Highs; Amma Mama, El Elyon, Elohim, Neters, Neterus, Yahushua Ha Mashiach and Righteous others 9.13.
  • I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™, am a beneficiary of THE Creator Yhashema’s Earth. I am a private dweller and am NOT for public use 9.13 Amoor.
  • As a Moor, I Am not allowed to be a US corporation slave property. This is against all treaties & Th Most Highs Laws on Earth. 13Love.
  • For th.Record: I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™,
    Am a child Of Hashem-Hashema. Not a U.S Citizen, but a Moor by Blood, by liberty, and a sovereign being.
  • I am who I say I Am. 9m13.
  • I Am Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™. Owner of the Fictitious Name “JHORMAN MEDINA.”
    This is by My decree and creed.
  • I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™, am a TLC Community Private™ Membership Associate 9.13.
  • Loyal to Th Most High Universal creator, Hashema 9.13
  • I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™, pledge Allegiance only to Th Most High(s): Amma Mama, El Elyon, Elohim, Neters Neterus, Yahushua Ha Mashiach, And Righteous Only
  • I, Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™, Honor my Fore-Mother and Fore-Fathers
    As their heir successor, a living breathing spirit, a man, and as a moor.
  • For the record, I Yhorman Bey Lora Medima™, do not drive an automobile for commercial purposes. I invoke my irrevocable right to travel.

Govern yourself accordingly. Certified Document: By: Yhorman Bey Lora Medima.

I-Yhorman Bey Lora Medima is a walking, talking, independent island, mortal man and a living spirit. Not a person, corporation or other type of abomination. The second sentence of said “Declaration of Independence” declares: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” [Emphasis added.] The third sentence of said “unanimous Declaration” declares: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” [Emphasis added.] I am a man created by and in the image of our Heavenly Mother, HASHEMA, and our Heavenly Father HASHEM, the Living HASHEM of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and Father of the Christ Yahshua. I deny that I am an animal. I deny that I do business or enter into transactions with animals. My capacity is that of a “lawful man” who has full legal capacity and full legal rights; one who has not been deprived of any rights in court by outlawry, excommunication of infamy; one who is able to stand rectus in curia (“right in court”), able to serve as a juror and to swear an oath. [See “legalis homo” on p. 913, Black’s Law Dictionary, 8th Ed., A.D. 2004.] I am NOT a 14th Amendment citizen of The United States for America. I am a beneficiary of The Creator(s) HASHEMA’S and HASHEM’S Earth. A private dweller and who is not for public use and foreign to UNITED STATES, INC., dwelling in an independent international location upon Continental Amexem, United States Minor, Outlying Islands and non-domestic to the District of Columbia and expressly reserving all Liberty.


I am that I am 9.13

I am a Moor original man spirit & sovereign  9.13



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I am a Kiskeyan Moor from the aisles of the tropics. Above all, I am a Moor, with a record of singing, writing, and much more. I began my venures of writing as a youth. Sore cheek and bright eyed smiling as I practiced my abcs (which I still do to this day). As I grew through the public educational system and a new mind matured, a lot of my attention branched forth. Dancing became who I was, then singing, football, baseball, karate, acting, basketball, chess, handball,writing, and of course studying . Not any matter or subject could captivate my spirit. Although, a man of all trades, I have my strengths in poetry and music. With whole ballads on sites like claritydaily.org and diligentminds.org. I proceed to expand my abilites within my loving communtiy and bring life to the people.


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